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Kigo Thinkers is an informal network of Ugandans, including academicians and practitioners of wide ranging disciplines and geographies, who subscribe to the ideal that a genuine citizen is one who actively participates in helping to manage one’s respective community – including one’s geographically defined communities, such as a household, a village, a sub-county, a district, a country, the world; and one’s ideological communities, such as religious and professional communities.


Kigo Thinkers is convinced that a basic ingredient of the exercise of genuine citizenship is one’s active engagement in thinking for one’s community. In this context, KT conceptualises thinking as an active process which can be judged on the basis of one’s expressed opinions and by one’s actions; meaning that the exercise of genuine citizenship can be measured through one’s contributions to and one’s influence over the narrative that determines policies which affect the lives and livelihoods of one’s communities. 

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