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Kigo Thinkers is a network of academicians and practitioners of wide ranging disciplines with the sole mission to spur thinking spaces in Uganda. Kigo Thinkers are convinced that a basic ingredient of the exercise of genuine citizenship is one’s active engagement in thinking for one’s community.

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4 Founding Thinkers
Oskar Semweya-Musoke
Norah Owaraga
Timothy Laku
Petwa Rwomushoro


Policy Paper Launch: Education


"CREATING A THINKING PERSON: The need for higher order skills in the Ugandan education system"


On Thursday June 16, 2016, Kigo Thinkers convened a session to diagnose and prescribe a cure to Uganda‟s education system that is feared to be stagnating. Educationalists at different levels grappled with the unearthing of the key challenges to attaining a progressive and relevant education system in Uganda. The day‟s discussions were guided by a keynote presentation by Dr Connie Nshemereirwe that was inspired by Paulo Freire's ‘Pedagogy of The Oppressed.’


This Policy Paper is the output of that Thinking Session.

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